We launch I'm From! With the best of Korean nature!

We are so proud to finally present the brand I'm From to you, this wonderful Korean brand !!!

I From was launched in Korea with the vision to satisfy the market with effective skin care products for all different skin types with only natural ingredients.
Their slogan is "Nature as it is, it's I'm From" - which shows their message of valuing and using the natural beauty of nature. They work very transparently by, in addition to a regular list of ingredients, also listing the place of origin of the main ingredient and the name of the farm on which it was harvested, which we think is very nice!

The ingredients used in I´m From's products are sourced from Korean nature and are inspired by Korean traditional natural remedies that relieve skin problems. We find rice, honey, mugwort, ginseng, volcanic ash, water from vitamin trees and figs in their products. It uses only the purest ingredients from the best raw materials and produces products that use genuine materials, which are free from harmful additives and which can help create a healthier and more radiant skin.


I’m From has introduced a number of signature products that have become known worldwide! The most hyped (and also our own favorite😊) is I From Honey Mask which contains as much as 38.7% pure honey from Jirisan (one of the areas where wild herbs are most common in Korea). Honey is a naturally moisturizing and antimicrobial ingredient, which moisturizes the skin while preventing pimples / blemishes / inflammation in the skin. In addition, this mask also has other fantastic ingredients that we LOVE, such as antibacterial Propolis, moisturizing Macadamia Nut Oil and skin-plumping Bee Venom. These work together to build a healthier skin barrier, provide a smoother, more hydrated and firmer skin that is nourished and protected from external environmental factors.



Tips from Cecilia!

I usually put this as a mask all over my face for about 1 hour when I have a quiet moment, for example when I watch a movie or read a book. It does not dry out but stays moisturized all the time and you can eat some snacks with it on (unlike when you use a sheet mask😊). Afterwards, the skin feels smooth, smooth, incredibly moisturized and plump with a nice natural glow. Perfect to prep the skin with before a naturally lustrous make up for example! Or just to treat your skin to a quiet, comfortable moment.

Mugwort Essence
This is an essence made with 100% concentrated mugwort extract (from Ganghwa County) in Korea to soothe irritated, red or unbalanced skin. Mugwort is a plant that is often used in Asian herbal medicine and provides quick relief to damaged and irritated skin. Korean mugwort is rich in minerals and vitamins and is known for its ability to prevent damage caused by ultraviolet rays as well as stimulate collagen and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Tip! Can also be used as a moisturizing mask when the skin feels tired and dry. Apply plenty of essence on cotton pads and apply pressure to areas in need of extra moisture. Let it work for 5-10 minutes!



Mugwort Mask. The mask's main ingredient mugwort, (from Ganghwa County in Korea) seems effective in soothing irritated and red skin. In addition to mugwort, the mask also contains Centella Asiatica extract, which treats sensitive and irritated skin very effectively and is easy to use daily. If you use it during the day, we recommend that you use sunscreen (at least 15 spf and up).



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