Some favorites from COSRX and how I added them to my routine!


My name is Märta and I work with PR and communication here at GLOWiD. This will be my first post on the blog, but you who follow us on instagram may have already seen me there sometime! Today I was going to tell you about my experience with our newly launched brand COSRX and how I introduced these products into my routine. Hope you appreciate this post and get some inspiration!

I have been using COSRX for several months and can now really see the difference their products have made to my skin. I love testing new products and often have a fairly varied routine, but since I introduced COSRX, I have actually mainly stuck to these as I have had such great results. Before I go into my some of my favorite products from COSRX, I thought I would present my own skin journey a little briefly.

Briefly about my skin journey

After having a well-balanced skin during my teens, at the age of 23 I suddenly got an irritated skin with pimples, deeper pores and redness. After a visit to a dermatologist, I was diagnosed with a mild form of adult acne in combination with mild rosacea. I have now understood in retrospect that both acne and rosacea are quite common for women to get only after adolescence.

Over the years, I have learned what my skin needs, a lot of moisture (preferably in several layers) and not so much fat, products for sensitive skin and only mild exfoliations a few nights a week. But despite this, my skin has never been really completely good, this is also due to the fact that my skin problems largely come from within and are controlled by, among other things, hormonal changes that are difficult to control. However, I can see a marked difference in my eruptions, my pores and my redness since I introduced COSRX in my routine. I will now tell you a little more about some of the products I use and what they have done for my skin. Maybe you are some out there who have similar skin problems as I have and can get some inspiration and tips!

Due to my sensitivity in the skin, I am always a little afraid of suddenly mixing new products into my routine, especially products that contain acids and ingredients that I have not heard of before. After both reading and trying the products, I quickly realized how gentle COSRX products are and how little they irritate the skin despite the powerful effect they give. I am so incredibly impressed with the products!

Some of the products I added to my routine!

1. Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser

I am one of those who easily get a tightening feeling in the skin after cleansing, therefore I am sensitive to cleansers that dry out the skin. That is one of the reasons why I love Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser from COSRX so much, it feels gentle and I do not feel at all that it dries out the skin. It has a wonderful gel texture that foams easily. I use Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser after oil cleansing, which I recommend that you do if you use makeup just like I do. This cleanser works for all skin types, whether you have acne, dry or sensitive skin.

Fun fact! Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser is a product that COSRX developed based on customer feedback. Many had expressed that they wanted a cleansing with a low pH value, and after that COSRX formulated this cleansing with the low pH value 5 in just a few months! How cool is that not? It's almost a little crazy how fast and responsive Korean skincare companies are!

What does pH mean in cleanings?

Our skin is naturally a bit acidic with a pH value of 4.5. Cleansers are usually naturally more alkaline (pH value of 6-12) because that is what helps to remove dirt. But it is precisely the alkalinity in cleansings that can dry out and irritate the skin and cause the tight and unpleasant feeling. So for all of you with sensitive skin, a face cleanser with a low pH value is truly a life-changer!

2. Ac Collection Calming Mild

If you, like me, have acne-prone skin and at the same time need products that are gentle and do not irritate the skin, I can warmly recommend this toner. It has soothed my acne but at the same time also reduced the red marks and scars I had left from previous pimples. I apply this after cleaning and before I continue with my usual moisturizing tones from Klairs. I generally have a hard time finding exfoliations that are so gentle that they do not irritate my skin, but this one has really managed to get my skin in balance. It contains BHA acid which gently exfoliates, Tea Tree which is an antibacterial ingredient, Centella which soothes and Panthenol which moisturizes.

Ac Collection Calming Mild can be used daily (even for sensitive skin) but I use this 2-3 evenings a week. When my skin feels extra unbalanced, I apply this as a mask by soaking cotton pads in the toner and then putting these on the skin for 5-7 minutes. Hot tip!

3. Oil-Free Ultra Moisturizing Lotion

This light but moisturized cream suits my skin perfectly as it does not clog. It calms, gives a comfortable feeling and fits perfect for irritated or newly exfoliated skin. Oil-Free Ultra Moisturizing Lotion has really helped me overcome my dryness as it contains 70% birch sap which effectively restores the moisture level in the skin. You can often have both a dry, oily and acne-prone skin at the same time - then this cream is perfect! The cream is absorbed quickly and leaves a silky feeling that settles nicely under makeup.

I usually use this in my morning routine after serum and before I apply sunscreen. Must also imply that its flexible pump bottle is a big plus!

4. Advanced Snail 92 All In One Cream

My absolute favorite! Wow what this cream has evened out and reduced redness.

Advanced Snail 92 All In One Cream contains as much as 92% of the incredibly exciting ingredient snail secretion. It is this ingredient that gives the cream its healing and soothing properties that reduce the appearance of pimples while whitening scars from previous acne outbreaks. The cream also gives a lot of moisture and luster. Because it also gives a plumping effect and prevents skin aging, the cream is also suitable for mature skin.

I take a fairly rich layer of this cream after serum every night, it sinks nicely into the skin and I experience no sticky feeling. On days when I need extra moisture, I also apply a night mask such as Ultra Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask from COSRX.

So glad you read this post! I hope I inspired you to explore this fine brand that has such incredibly innovative and awesome products. If you want to read about more products from COSRX, you will find the entire range here!

Have a wonderful Saturday night!


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