The secret to luster and "glowing skin"

In addition to moisturizing the skin, there is another "must" to get radiance and that Korean "glow" "gwang" (dewy radiance from within) It's about peeling! It is absolutely crucial for the skin to be able to absorb and absorb your skin care products effectively. Korean women use peeling about 2-3 times a week as an obvious part of their skin care routine.

It is quite common to ignore this particular part of your skin care routine because it takes a little extra time. Our tip is to mix in a little peeling in your washing oil in the first step of your cleaning (read more about the Korean cleaning routine by clicking here). Then you save time and also make the peeling easier to glide over the skin and give you a real deep cleansing.


klairs gentle black sugar facila polish


Klairs gentle black deep cleansing oil

Klairs gentle black deep cleansing oil together with klairs gentle black facila polish gives a silky smooth skin that easily absorbs all subsequent creams and helps you on the way to getting "glow" and beautiful glow in the skin!

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