5 ways to get a natural glow with an ampoule

An ampoule is a highly concentrated cream that focuses on various problem areas such as fine lines, lethargy, rough skin and to give the skin a natural glow! They often come in small packages but due to its high concentration, only one or two drops are usually needed for the entire face.

Here we give you 4 tips on how to use an ampoule to get natural glow in the skin!

1. Sometimes use an ampoule instead of a serum after washing and toner. Finish with a moisturizer. If your skin needs extra care, you can also use the ampoule just before your serum. Always think of the lightest texture first and finish with the thickest texture.

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2. Mix in a few drops in your moisturizer. Since ampoules often have very moisturizing ingredients in them, it can be good to mix in a few drops in your daily moisturizer if you feel that you are extra dry (usually in the winter) and need more moisture than usual. Wake up the next day with a radiant and moisturized skin!

3. Mix with your foundation or bb-cream. A common trick used by Korean make-up artists is to mix in a few drops of ampoule in their foundation to get that naturally moisturized skin with luster ("gwang" in Korean). It is also a good way to make sure that your foundation and skin do not get dry during the day. To get a little extra luster in places that are nice to "highlight", you can dab a little ampoule on the upper top of the cheeks and under the eyebrows. It gives a more natural glow than a highlighter does

4. Finish your make-up with skin care! Another Korean make up secret is to warm up a serum or cream between the hands and gently squeeze into the skin after makeup to give a naturally healthy glow. Because ampoules are so light in consistency, they work at least as well to get a natural "gwang" glow after your make-up.

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