We're launching CLE!

We are so proud and happy to finally be able to tell you that we are now exclusive distributors of the fine brand CLE in the Nordics, and that for the first time we can introduce a little more color in our range!

We of course want to celebrate the launch with a nice offer to you! You get 15% on the entire range from CLE and also a Vitamin C Elixir (travel size) as a gift for all purchases of at least SEK 699! The offer is valid until Sunday the 20th of June!

CLE is a Korean-American brand for makeup and skin care based in Seoul and LA. With research, development and innovation from Seoul, the products are developed from the latest Korean beauty technology. We love that the products adopt a clear minimalist approach both in terms of packaging, efficiency and that the products can be used in several different ways to care, give luster and color!

Multifunctional make-up and skin care products for the modern woman!

CLE was born out of a desire to create products that were not only modern in their technology but also modern in their thinking. The range therefore consists of multifunctional make-up and skin care products adapted to the contemporary woman! CLE is a minimalist brand that through its products wants to support and facilitate the modern lifestyle in a simple and meaningful way. The products can both be used in the longer routines but also have the function of working on their own.

Each product in the line is designed to promote a sense of ritual and well-being, and to make the contemporary woman embrace and enhance her natural beauty! The products are effective and made with innovative ingredients and Korean beauty technology to provide luster, care and color in one and the same product! The range is completely vegan, paraben-free and cruelty-free!

The colorful, lustrous and caring range!

CCC Cream

Here we are talking about a genuine Glow Game Changer product !! This crazy lustrous CCC Cream is a light all-in-one primer and foundation that cares for the skin, gives lots of radiance, covers just right and protects with spf 50. Works as both primer, BB and CC cream. Has a cool "Micro Capsule Technology" that allows it to easily melt into the skin and adapt to your skin tone. The cream comes in five different shades: Light, Warm Light, Medium Light, Medium and Deep.

The result is a dewy, moisturized skin with light coverage that improves the skin's aesthetics and vitality with a fantastic glow! CCC-cream can also be worked up to a more comprehensive base! It contains, among other things, mica, a mineral that has light-reflecting properties and which gives a fantastic luster! Also niacinamide which gives a clearer skin tone, reduces pores and works on the elasticity of the skin, as well as vitamin e which helps to strengthen the skin's resilience, prevents wrinkles and protects the skin!

Here is a small guide on how to find the right shade for your skin tone:

Find out if you have a warm or neutral undertone
All shades that start with "Warm" or "Golden" have a warm undertone
All shades with only the name, ie. Light, Medium or Deep have a neutral undertone
Based on your skin tone, you can measure which shade suits you best!

(If you have blue veins, you probably have a cold undertone, if your veins go more to green, you probably have a warmer undertone. If the color of your veins does not feel clear to either blue or green, you probably have a neutral undertone.)


Melting Lip Powder

A unique and multifunctional product that can be applied to both lips, eyes and cheeks! The pigmented powder turns into a liquid formula when applied and gives a long-lasting - and waterproof color with a deep, matte finish thanks to Vitamin E which also has a protective effect on the skin. These come in 6 different shades: Hot Choco, Desert Rose, Barbie Pink, Mocha Creme, Nude Blush and Plum Medium! They can be used for a natural result but also for a more pigmented look as it is easy to regulate how strong color you want the product to give!

Melting Lip Powder contains, among other things, hydrolyced hyenaluronic acid which keeps the skin hydrated and soft while stimulating cell renewal! It also contains niacinamide which evens out!


Vitamin C Elixir

Vitamin C Elixir is a wonderful 2-in-1 product with serum and oil in one! The serum elixir contains pure vitamin C concentrate which gives radiance, moisturizes and evens out! It has a two-layer formula that assists the skin with antioxidants that, thanks to the oil, penetrate deep into the skin!

The top layer of the serum is formulated with oils that work to reduce fine lines and even out. The second layer consists of as much as 11% pure vitamin C and antioxidants that protect and at the same time promote collagen production and prevent pigment changes. The elixir contains the antioxidant ferulic acid which in combination with vitamin c makes the vitamin more stable so that it has good effects on the skin!


Multi Cream

This is as the name reveals a multifunctional product. Multi Cream is a rich and luxurious cream that contains soothing extracts and oils from Palo Santo that have a moisturizing effect on the skin. Can be used as a daily moisturizer on all skin types. Also contains ingredients such as hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, shea butter and a combination of fruit extracts that provide long-lasting hydration of dry or irritated skin. The cream is applied smoothly, absorbed quickly and leaves no oily residue on the skin. Apply this all over the face, body and even in dry hair ends that are in need of moisture. Has a nice scent of cedar, incense, sweet grass, lemon and undertones of mint!

Oxygen Foam Cleanser

This self-foaming cleanser turns from a gel formula to a foam formula when applied to the skin! It acts as an effective deep cleanser and mask that helps to oxygenate and clean the pores. It also promotes the production of collagen and elastin in the skin! You do not need to rinse the cleaning with water but can wipe it off with a pad if you wish.

What then does this cleaning contain? It contains, among other things, the popular ingredient tea tree extract which has antibacterial properties, is moisturizing and balances the oil level in the skin. Therefore, the cleanser is great even for acne prone skin! In addition, the antioxidant-rich ingredient contains green tea, which has a positive effect on the skin structure, provides hydration and slows down skin aging. In the ingredient list you will also find sodium hyaluronate which moisturizes a lot and strengthens the skin barrier!

We are so stoked that you will finally get to try all these awesome products! Hope you will love CLE as much as we do !!

Hugs from the entire team at GLOWiD ❤️

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