Korean skincare through life - from teenager to 50+

The skin, its condition and its needs change over the years. Of course, genetic conditions are unique, and needs can change quickly, which means that one's skin care routine needs to be tailored according to regardless of age. But what can you think about, broadly speaking, where you are right now?

Here follows a summary guide of what is extra good to think about in terms of products and ingredients for your particular age group!

The most important common denominator is to be careful with sun protection all year round at all ages, and it's never too late to start regardless of how much melanin you have! Trends and recommendations looked different in the past, but today we know better. Sun protection products not only protect against skin aging but also against the negative effects of UV rays, as burning increases the risk of skin cancer. Therefore, use high sun protection on both yourself and your children - getting burned as a child can lead to malignant melanoma as an adult, so remember that children should never sunbathe as their skin cells are extra sensitive. Läs mer Read more about sun and it's UV rays here.

Learn about cleansers and hydration during teenage

Puberty comes with hormonal changes that also affect the skin, with many experiencing "problem skin" for the first time. Get rid of the idea of wiping out stubborn pimples and applying strong products when skin feels red or dry - it only creates more problems and creates a vicious cycle of quickly solving problems with often wrong products. The answer is always: hydration.

The teenage years are a great time to introduce a few, but effective products that are kind to the skin and provide long-term results. It's about getting into a habit that doesn't feel complicated or overwhelming, but should be as simple as brushing your teeth in the morning!
  • Cleansers. Learning to be thorough with cleansing both morning and night is fundamental to keeping the skin in check. You remove dirt and impurities and lay a good foundation for future products. Start with an oil wash that Gentle Black Fresh Cleansing Oil from Klairs and follow up with a water-based wash like Tea Tree Purifine 30 Cleansing Foam from Dr. Ceuracle – this duo is perfect for those with blemishes and unbalanced skin.
  • Soothing, hydrating toner. Restore the skin's pH balance after washing with a soothing toner. Supple Preparation Unscented Toner from Klairs provides immediate and long-lasting hydration and soothes sensitive skin.
  • Spot treatment. Treat pimples and acne with a spot treatment, products designed specifically for these conditions. AC Collection Ultimate Spot Cream from COSRX has a treating and healing effect, and to use patches or so-called acne patches are an effective treatment because they absorb the pimple's sebum. During the day, it protects the pimple from dirty fingers and other external stress!
  •  SPF. Keep the number of products down by using a skin-care sunscreen that works as both a day cream and SPF. Try Cica Regen Vegan Sun from Dr. Ceuracle or Relief Sun Moisturizer from Hyggee – both are moisturizing, protective and soothing!

Establish habits and a sustainable skincare routine in your 20s

Creating good skin care habits and starting to explore a skin care routine adapted to your own skin's changing needs is a good idea to start with in your 20s.

You probably don't have any sun damage or lack of elasticity yet, but it's all the more important to work preventively! But perhaps you experience uneven skin and for the first time that the skin changes condition during the year, or that what you thought was dry or oily skin is actually combination skin.

  • Serum/ampoule. Using a serum or an ampoule (highly concentrated serum) in your routine is an effective way to treat specific needs such as dryness, imbalance or sensitivity. In K-beauty, it is also an important key to glow! Hyal Reyouth Ampoule from Dr. Ceuracle is a wash-proof moisture serum that moisturizes, strengthens and soothes through six different hyaluronic acids.
  • C-vitamin and antioxidants. By introducing the antioxidant-rich vitamin C, you work preventively and are a top protection against premature aging while evening out the skin tone. Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop from Klairs is the vitamin C classic that never fails and as it is a milder serum it is a good introduction to vitamin C, or if the skin is sensitive.
  • Face masks. Botanize around face masks of all kinds, or why not try using two at the same time for different parts of the face? From Dr. Ceuracle you can combine Jeju Matcha Clay Mask on the oilier T-zone which deep cleans pores and controls sebum production, together with Ganghwa Rice Granule Pack on the cheeks for a vitamin boost and gentle exfoliation. Or why not try a soothing overnight gel mask, for example Full Fit Propolis Honey Overnight Mask from COSRX

Maintain and treat early signs of aging in your 30s

In your 30s, it becomes more noticeable that cell renewal and collagen production have decreased, where fine lines start to become prominent and you can experience brown spots, hyperpigmentation or melasma - something that can become noticeable during, for example, a pregnancy.

Continue to be careful with high sun protection all year round and continue with the use of antioxidants to give the skin cells protection against external stresses that accelerate aging.
  • Niacinamide. Here we have a key ingredient that both takes care of pigmentation, uneven skin tone with pores and maintains elasticity. This means that it is also effective against fine lines and has brightening properties – simply superb! You will find it, among other things, in antioxidant rich Rice Serum from I'm From and in Freshly Juiced E-vitamin Mask from Klairs which not only boosts the effect of vitamin C but also strengthens the skin in the long term.
  • Plumping products. Give life to tired skin with moisturizing products - get an immediate effect from GLOWiDs own Glow & Plump Sheet Mask which contains vitamin A which increases the elasticity of the skin. Advanced Snail 92 All In One Cream from COSRX is a moisturizer that protects against moisture loss and plumps the skin, where the high content of snail secretion is healing and soothing for irritated skin.
  • Eye cream. If you haven't yet introduced your eyes to eye products, your 30s is a good time to do so – the fragile skin in the area needs textures and ingredients adapted to it. Fundamental Eye Awakening Gel from Klairs is the equivalent of a cup of coffee for the eyes where it invigorates, cools and counteracts dark circles. Dr Ceuracles Hyal Reyouth Hydrogel Eye Mask are gel masks that provide rich hydration and counteract fine lines around the eyes.
  • Acids. Promote cell renewal with an exfoliation to keep your skin supple, clean and glowing! The AHA acid Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep Water from By Wishtrend is gentle but effective and removes dead skin cells, keeps the skin soft and supple and treats UV damage. BHA Blackhead Power Liquid from COSRX dissolves clogged pores and prevents the appearance of new ones, and is effective against acne. 

Strengthen the barrier and become more active with active ingredients in the 40s

In the 40s, it is more noticeable that the elasticity is not what it used to be. The skin can feel dull and thinner, which makes it more exposed to external stresses and free radicals.

Therefore, focus on maintaining the skin's protective barrier to remain resilient! Also add active ingredients – ingredients intended to make a noticeable difference to the skin.
  • Fermented products. By using products that have undergone a fermentation process, you add good bacteria that maintain the skin's microbiome. It is the skin's natural flora that, in a balanced state, makes the skin resilient and well-being. Vegan Kombucha Tea Essence from Dr. Ceuracle is a highly moisturizing essence where the probiotic-rich kombucha tea counteracts and treats wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Ceramides. It is a fatty acid that is found naturally in the skin and helps it maintain a good level of moisture and maintain its fullness. By adding ceramides to skin care, you strengthen the skin barrier and support a skin where the natural ceramide levels are reduced by, for example, age, which can make the skin feel dry. When the barrier is weakened, you can have additional problems such as eczema, irritation and redness. From CLE you'll find the serum Serumide which provides long-lasting hydration and in the long run strengthens the skin while having smoothing properties.
  • Peptides. It is a collective word for substances that stimulate the skin cells, which increases collagen production and thus makes the skin more elastic and firmer. At the same time, they have communicative properties and make the cells in the skin learn to behave in the best, most optimal way for the well-being of the skin. Different peptides have different orientations but as a whole can be considered an anti-aging ingredient. In the serum Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop from Klairs its two peptide types go deep into the skin and work skin rejuvenating by counteracting both the deepest kind of wrinkles and superficial, fine lines.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate and boost in your 50s and beyond

Around the 50 mark, you start talking about mature skin. The natural aging means that wrinkles have been added and can appear extra prominent if the skin is dry.

As if aging in itself was not enough for reduced collagen production, the hormonal changes and the reduction in the body's estrogen levels during menopause mean that the elasticity of the skin decreases further. The changes often also mean that the skin becomes more moisture poor, which means that even those who had an oilier skin type in the past can now experience that the skin feels dry and tight.

In the 50s and beyond, it is therefore good to continue with the active ingredients that were introduced in the 40s, but to focus extra on moisturizing and boosting.
  • Moisturize in several layers. Through several layers of hydration, the skin gets an opportunity to stay hydrated throughout the day. A well-moisturized skin also assimilates skin care products better and you get more out of your products. Try using several layers of tones, based on what is called 7 Skin Method – you will notice when the skin has become more hydrated and you can proceed to the next step! Also try adding an extra layer of hydration, through a emulsion or oilbased product to further lock in the moisture.
  • Boost with sheet masks. Sheet masks, disposable masks, are the perfect boost for quick hydration because they are soaked in essence. There is an abundance of sheet masks, and in addition to moisturizing, they have different directions that you can choose based on skin type and needs. Royal Vita Propolis Anti-Oxidant Mask from Dr. Ceuracle is the honey-scented mask that plumps, strengthens and gives a glow. Comfort Me Brightening Hole Mask from Make p:rem contains antioxidants and vitamin C and evens skin tone. From Hyggee you'll find Active Red Flower Mask which strengthens the skin barrier and protects the skin with 17 different amino acids.
  • Richer and more potent creams. Look for result-oriented moisturisers that advantageously have a high content of their main ingredient to give the skin what it needs. Royal Vita Propolis 33 Cream from Dr. Ceuracle contains 33% pure propolis, which is naturally healing and nutritious. It helps the skin with collagen, which leads to more elasticity! From COSRX we find Balancium Comfort Ceramide Cream which strengthens a damaged barrier and maintains its elasticity - especially good during the winter months given its balm-like consistency. As night cream is Hyal Reyouth Night Cream from Dr. Ceuracle the top because it contains six hyaluronic acids with the purpose of moisturizing and fructan which promotes the reproduction of skin cells and thus elasticity.

For individual recommendations, you are always welcome to contact us at info@glowid.se and we'll help you!

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