Klairs midnight blue youth activating drops are back!

Finally, Klair's midnight blue youth activating drops are back in place!

Yep! A long-awaited anti-aging favorite for many who have been out of stock for over a year has finally returned. Here are my tips on how to get the most out of this treat and what products are good to combine it with!

Here we are talking elasticity and reduced lines like nothing else! This essence serum contains, among other things, two types of peptides that work both deep and on the surface to prevent and prevent wrinkles and maintain the skin's elasticity. The first peptide is bFGF (eH Polypeptide) which works in the deeper part of the skin and prevents the deep wrinkles that usually start to appear at the age of 30. The other peptide is EGF (rH Oligopeptide) and it works to prevent fine lines on the skin's surface and to maintain the skin's elasticity. These peptides are found naturally in the surface of the skin and have the task of renewing the skin. However, the body's own production of these decreases at the age of 20. By applying them through their skin care, you help the skin to maintain its elasticity and prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

It also contains the super-ingredient Adenosine, a substance found in every cell of our body that strengthens our skin by promoting collagen production. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, making it effective in wound healing and skin rebuilding. The serum also contains blueberries which have strong antioxidant properties.

It has a very thin and fine consistency, which means that you should preferably use it as early as possible in the routine

User tips for optimal effect!

Power duo to reduce fine lines and even out skin tone.

Do you have mature, moisture-poor skin with pigmentation and a hint of or already have fine lines?

Then this combo can suit you :) By Wishtrend mandelic acid and klairs blue drops in the same routine.

Step 1.

I usually do that immediately after cleaning pour a few drops By wishtrend mandelic acid on a cotton pad and wrap from the inside out over the entire face (not around the eyes as it contains AHA). What happens then is that mandelic acid removes dead skin cells, gives a smooth skin, reduces and prevents pigmentation and increases the possibility for the skin to absorb subsequent products optimally.

Step 2.

Wait a while so that the product has time to be properly absorbed by the skin (about 2 minutes) and then continue with klairs midnight blue youth activating drops. Use one hand to push serum directly from the pipette over the skin and use the other to catch the drops and bathe / pat them into the skin. Can be used excellently under and around the eyes to prevent and reduce those fine lines that like to appear there and can also be used excellently in several layers. Then continue with the rest of your routine such as moisturizing tones, moisturizing serum and moisturizer.

Use as an eye mask for alert and smooth skin under the eyes!

Mix the same amount of klairs midnight blue youth activating drops and klairs supple preparation facial tones. Cut a clair toner mate 2 in 1 cotton pad into two parts and then dip them in the liquid. Place them under the eyes for about 10 minutes and remove and allow the essence to sink in (do not rinse off). Voila clear, moisturized and smooth skin under the eyes! You can make this mask every night or just boost with one night per week.

Anti-age boost your current evening routine.

Use alone in your current routine by dripping it directly on the skin immediately after cleansing. Then continue with your toner, serum and moisturizer as usual.

Feel free to contact us with questions if you have any questions!



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