K-Beauty trends 2019!

Trends in K-beauty 2019

Now I have come home after a few days of intense and absolutely wonderful K-beauty fair in Korea with lots of new insights from trend shows, lectures and not least lots of new samples to test from exciting brands! So I take the opportunity to summarize everything in a blog post for you while it is fresh in the memory :)

2018 stood for purity and simplicity and it clearly seems that this trend will continue in 2019 with the addition of more lifestyle-inspired brands with multifunctional products. Here I have listed some things that I think we will see more of.

1. "Clean" marks.

That is, not natural but pure in such a way that the product is free of harmful ingredients that can in any way irritate the skin or be harmful. So even if a brand is not 100% natural, it can be 100% "pure" without, for example, parabens, silicones or sulfates.

More focus on kind but powerful ingredients and less on playful packaging. This trend continues to grow in Korea and we will see even simpler and cleaner products with minimalist packaging.

3.Multifunctional cleaning! The trend with several properties in one and the same product continues. It is about developing products that simplify our skin care routine, ie more products with 2 in 1 or 3 in 1, 4 in 1. Above all, more and more multifunctional cleansers appear in the form of sticks, enzyme powders, cleansing balms, napkins. All to simplify and streamline the cleaning process.

4. Beauty devices / technology for home use. We will see more home technology that is there to optimize skin care. Everything from joint masks to iontophoresis develops quickly and is available for different areas of the face and for different skin types. This is something that is growing fast in Korea! For example, look at leegeehaam ion enhancer which optimizes and helps sheetmasks to be absorbed effectively into the skin.

5. Back to basics. Much focus is on developing good basic products and making them even more effective and innovative such as moisturizer and toner.

6. More innovative face masks and OMPD = One mask per day. Using a face mask every day is a big trend in Korea and it seems to continue (worth testing as you see fast results). The market for sheetmasks is huge and they are constantly evolving. New, innovative masks are launched incredibly often and some of them we will see more of in 2019 are, rubber masks, hydrogel masks, lip masks, eye masks, cheek masks, jaw masks (so-called V-line masks) that lift and tighten and also dry masks in different materials . Among other things, I tested a completely dry sheet mask with gold and cobweb extract that is applied dry and then rinsed with water well on the skin.

7. Hair care. Here we will see more of everything from scalp treatments to anti-hair loss programs, hair spa treatments, scalp treatment programs. (I have had time to try a little and I must say that what I have tested so far is extremely good and the hair feels silky soft and the scalp as well)

8. No make up make up look! "Skincare focused make up". The importance of having healthy skin that does not require as much makeup continues and the basic make-up that is produced will therefore continue to have this as a focus.

9. Lifestyle as a basic value for the brand. In a city like Seoul with 23 million people, there is also a huge pressure both professionally and privately. The need to find peace in everyday life has therefore begun to become a trend. This trend towards finding peace and happiness in everyday life is also taking on the beauty brands. See, for example, hyggee whose whole concept is based on the meaning of the word; "To find peace and happiness in the simplicity of everyday life". We will see more brands that have it as basic values ​​and build brands that facilitate such a lifestyle with the help of multifunctional products.

Ingredients that are effective but mild for very sensitive skin. This trend also continues and we will see more ingredients that soothe irritated and sensitive skin but which are at the same time highly effective.

To sum up, I think 2019 will give us

New innovative super ingredients that are kind but at the same time effective

Clear concepts with lifestyle as a basic value

Simple and clean both in terms of packaging and ingredient lists

More innovations in beauty devices / home technology to optimize skin care.

More multifunctional products

So with this in mind, our job now begins to decide which will be the next brand to bring in to GLOWiD and it will be so exciting to test and analyze new exciting brands, ingredient lists and textures, all to offer the absolute best to you!

Have a wonderful day now!


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