The secrets behind the K-beauty trend "Chok Chok Skin"!

Have you heard of "Chok Chok" before?

Chok Chok is originally a Korean phrase that means "moist" but today is most often used to describe a dewy, plump and moisturized skin with a lot of glow! The trend has a strong focus on moisture in several layers and therefore includes moisturizing and lustrous skin care products. Shock shock skin is so moisturized that it even radiates without makeup!

So what are the differences between Chok Chok and Glass Skin you might be wondering now? The trends are quite similar and both attach great importance to moisturizing. But while Glass skin strives more for a skin that is so clear that it is almost transparent exactly like a crystal clear glass, Chok Chok is instead more about a soft and moisturized skin!

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Here are some tips to help you achieve Chok chok-skin!

1. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize…

Chok Chok means a dewy and healthy glowig look! You know that coveted and natural glow that comes from within… But this glow does not always come by itself and if we want luster, we must help the skin on the pile by moisturizing properly! To achieve this look, the secret is to use moisturizing products with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, ceramides and glycerin.

Hyaluronic acid is a moisture-binding sugar molecule that is found naturally in the skin. It has a great water-binding ability and can bind moisture up to 100 times its own weight! It is responsible for maintaining the moisture balance in the skin so that the skin does not become dry and loses its elasticity and structure. Precisely because of its moisturizing ability, the ingredient is very popular in skin care products!

Tip is to use hyaluronic acid products with several different sizes of hyaluronic acid molecules, which can moisturize both superficially and deeply for long-term fullness and hydration. You will find this, for example, in Hyal Reyouth Toner from Dr. Ceuracle and Hydrium Triple Hyaluronic Moisture Ampoule from COSRX!

If you want a skin in balance with the right moisture level, glycerin is also an ingredient to look for! Glycerin adds lots of moisture to your skin. Glycerin is often found in moisturizing skin care products and is suitable for all skin types, regardless of whether you are oily, dry or sensitive! It is a very good ingredient to add to your routine if you want to achieve a shock shock skin as it moisturizes, softens, evens out the skin structure and protects the skin barrier.

Some moisturizing products that include glycerin:

Rice Toner from I’m From is a wonderful novelty that is formulated with 77.78% rice extract which also contains glycerin. The toner forms a protective barrier over the skin to prevent water loss, moisturizes abundantly and gives radiance!

All In One Essence from Hyggee is a wonderful essence that moisturizes effectively and softens with, among other things, glycerin and three different hyaluronic acids. This essence also helps to control sebum production.

Vegan Kombucha Tea Gel Cream from Dr. Ceurcle is a highly moisturizing gel cream formulated with Vegan Tea Complex (78%) that helps reduce toxins and replenishes nourishment and moisture for a balanced and healthy skin!

Finally, we have the popular Tea Tree Purifine 80 Cream from Dr. Ceuracle which is a soothing and moisturizing cream that contains as much as 80% tea tree and has a light and silky texture.

2.… and preferably in several layers!

Moisturizing toners and essences, which are the basis of most K-beauty routines, are a must for a shock shock skin! This is because toners and essences "fill" the skin to lock in, retain and drive moisture deep into the skin. Therefore, apply these in several layers to maximize hydration. We have suggested the 7-skin method before and continue to Highly recommend it for anyone who wants to give the skin an extra boost of moisture and want a really soft and plump shock shock skin! For this we can recommend Supple Preparation Toner from Klairs and Safe Me Relief Moisture Toner from Make P: rem Here's how to do the 7-skin method:

  • Pour a few drops on a cotton swab and wipe your face
  • Then pour a few drops in the palm of your hand and work up a heat by pulling your palms towards each other, massaging and then patting the toner all over your face. Wait 2 minutes and do it again 7 times (it sounds like a lot but we promise it will give fantastic results…)
  • Continue with the rest of your routine

3. Strengthen the skin barrier!

Another shock shock must-have are ingredients that strengthen the skin barrier. This is because a healthy skin barrier retains moisture more effectively than a skin with a damaged barrier. Ceramides are a barrier-strengthening ingredient that is great to include in your routine and just like with hyaluronic acid, you will find these naturally in a young and full skin. As we age, our natural supply runs out and therefore it is good to boost this through skin care!

Ceramides are important for our skin because they are part of the outer layer of the skin - the protective skin barrier. The ingredient helps retain the natural moisture found in the skin. In many skin problems, the skin forms fewer ceramides, which leads to a weaker skin barrier and dry skin. By adding ceramides to skin care, we strengthen the barrier and can retain the moisture that is naturally found in the skin. A well-functioning barrier thus means a less dry skin, which is suitable if you want to achieve a moisturized shock shock skin! All in One Cream from Hyggee is a deeply moisturizing cream that strengthens the skin barrier and "locks in" moisture in the skin. It contains, among other things, ceramides and hyaluronic acid which work to give the skin an optimal moisture balance. In addition, it now comes in a new and even nicer packaging!

If you have an irritated skin barrier that requires immediate relief, Cica Regen 95 Soothing Gel from Dr. Ceuracle a real Life Saver! It contains 95% of Centella Asiatica which is an ingredient known to repair damaged, red or sensitive skin and leave it calm and healthy. The beautiful gel also contains kiwi extract which protects the skin barrier against harmful external factors and contains antioxidants that leave your skin radiant with a nice glow!

4. Moisturize the skin with sheet masks!

A Korean skincare routine almost always includes a sheet mask, which is a great product to add if you want to achieve a dewy and glowy look! Sheet masks are designed to lock in moisture with the help of microfiber cloth or hydrogel mask that really makes the skin absorb all the moisturizing ingredients!

Pro-tips! Always follow the time stated in the instructions, as you will not get any extra benefits from leaving the mask on the skin anymore. On the contrary, it is negative when the mask after 20 minutes instead begins to remove moisture from the skin, and we do not want this!

Two awesome sheet masks that are perfect to use if you want the luxury of it with an extra moisture boost are Mugwort Sheet Mask from I'm From and Hyal Reyouth Lifting Mask from Dr. Ceuracle!

Beauty hack! If you do not have a sheet mask at home, a hot tip is to make your own sheet mask with, for example, Mugwort Essence from I´m From, which is a moisturizing and soothing product that consists of 100% mugwort extract! Here's how to do it: Start by soaking cotton pads in the essence and then placing them like a mask on the skin! Then leave on the skin for about 10 minutes and you have a moisturized, lustrous and soothing skin!

5. Apply correctly!

If you want a moisturized skin, it is important to apply the products correctly! Maximize the hydration by gently patting the thinner textures (such as tones and essence) into the skin, as the patting helps the product to penetrate better. Pulling the skin causes friction and puts unnecessary stress on the sensitive skin, which is another reason why we should just pat the products.

Also remember to apply products with the lightest consistency first (such as toners and essences) and then work up to the richer products (such as emollient creams). Do not forget to end with the most important of all: always end your daily routine all year round with a sunscreen, even if you only run fast to the grocery store! Our newly launched sunscreen Cica Regen Vegan Sun Gel from Dr. Ceuracle is the perfect all-in-one product for moisture and and sun protection in one and the same product.

6. Make the mist your best friend!

The key to a dewy skin is just dew, so do not be late to lose with your favorite mist if you want a moisturized skin! The mist should preferably be so light and finely divided that it feels like you are entering a damp mist when you spray it over your face. Feel free to choose the moisturizing Hyggee All in One Mist which is a perfect mist to carry in your bag or on your desk! It contains essences from, among other things, hyaluronic acid and birch sap that work moisturizing and balancing sebum production. At the same time, it also gives a nice glow and soothes the skin.

Tip is to also include the mist in the makeup routine by applying it between each makeup layer to let the makeup sink better into the skin and give a more natural finish. For example like this:

1. moisturizing cream - lose! - 2. foundation - mista! - 3. concealer - mista! - 4. rouge - mista!

7. Do not forget to moisturize even from the inside!

As you probably understood we this team, moisturizing is the way to a Chok chok skin! But we achieve this not only through the products we use, but also with the water we drink. We must not forget that our skin, regardless of skin type, needs a little help from within even to stay hydrated. So drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated and healthy!

Hope you love the shock shock trend as much as we do and can enjoy a moisturized skin all fall and winter long! If you have any questions, we are as usual on DM on Instagram where we are called @glowid, on our chat at home page and our info mail,

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