The Gua Sha massages and sculpts the face

Let's say a big welcome to the latest addition to our Tool Family: Angel Wing Gua Sha! Since before you find Rose Quartz Facial Roller in our range that provides a gentle but at the same time effective facial massage – The gua sha is the perfect complement! In short, it provides a more in-depth massage and can be used to "sculpt" the face, i.e. the face gets a natural lift.

Just like the facial roller, our gua sha is also made from the mineral rose quartz, which has the ability to release and remove toxins from the body in contact with the skin. The angel wing shape is adapted to access all the different angles of the face and along the jawline.

Along with a cream or a few drops of serum, the tool is gently pulled in a "scraping" motion at an angle of 10-45 degrees to get optimal pressure on the face. Redness or small, temporary bruising may occur but is completely normal and will disappear after a short time. They are a sign that blood circulation has started and are, as said, completely natural.

So what is Gua Sha good for? 

So, the advantages include:

  • Increased blood circulation, which increases cell renewal and healing processes in the skin
  • Counteract tensions in e.g. jaws
  • Reduced swelling
  • Prevent fine lines
  • Increased resilience and elasticity
After regular use, you get a healthy and natural glow and an even skin tone, which comes from stimulating blood circulation - perfect to start with during dark autumn days when forgetfulness creeps closer!

Try this millennial massage technique, you too!

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