All you need to know about 2022's Christmas calendar: The Necessäry

Now we can proudly present this year's Christmas calendar! Here you can read about the idea behind the concept, our vision and everything related to this wonderful opening experience until Christmas!

Our vision – sustainability and recycling

This year the Christmas calendar consists of a large toiletry bag, filled with Korean skincare that we love! Hence the name The Necessäry, given its shape and the fact that it contains what you need to make December brighter and more glowy!

With the key words sustainability and reuse in mind, we have created this beautiful toiletry bag in our own specially designed Christmas pattern, and it is produced here in Sweden in the textile city of Borås.

In addition to the calendar contents, you get a larger toiletry bag that you can continue to use and store your skin care, hair care and makeup in, because we all know how frustrating it can be to keep track of lots of smaller ones! The fact that the "doors" this year consist of 8 bags in 100% recycled cotton and linen means that they can also be reused for everything from jewelry to swimwear, or essentials on your next trip!

The concept – idea and how you use the calendar

The idea behind the 8 doors being pouches is that we really want to enable you to have time to get to know the products in each bag, before you open the next one. In this way, you have time to get to know them them and reduce the risk of them being left unopened and unused.

We have designed the bags based on different themes, so that you can get the most out of the products in combination with each other! You will receive 4 larger kits and 4 slightly smaller kits marked with the date you will open them.

But does that mean the calendar contains fewer products this year? Of course not! You have 25 products to look forward to, and a little extra surprise from us for you at the bottom of the toiletry bag!

The Necessäry consists of 14 full size products, 4 mini sizes, 4 sheet masks and 3 lovely accessories. Plus the surprise, of course!

During December, we recommend that you leave the bags you have not yet opened in the toiletry bag, since previously mentioned, they are made of 100% recycled cotton and linen which means that they can be slightly transparent, depending on the products it contains!

We hope you will love The Necessäry as much as we do!

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