3 tips to maximize your sheet mask

3 tips to maximize your sheet mask!

1. Prep the skin before applying your sheet mask.

After cleaning, massage and pat a toner that restores the pH balance and moisture level after washing. Continue with any essence and serum before applying your sheet mask. The reason why it is good to apply toner and serum before your sheet mask is that it helps the active ingredients from these products to be absorbed more effectively into the skin. When you are done with your sheet mask, gently tap in the remaining essence to help the skin absorb everything. Once the essence has sunk into the skin, finish with a moisturizer to lock in all the moisture and nourishment that has now been absorbed into the skin via the sheet mask. Read more here for a complete guide to the Korean 10-step routine.

2. Follow the time instructions!

Sheetmasks or sheet masks work effectively thanks to the fact that the "sheet" itself encapsulates the essence and holds it in place tightly against the skin, which makes it easier for the skin to absorb the essence more efficiently than if you massage it in with your hands. If you use your sheet mask for too long, the sheet may instead start to dry out, which has the opposite effect when the moisture added to the skin begins to be absorbed back into the sheet. For best results, keep track of the recommended time on the package. Do you want a sheetmask that can be used longer than the usual 10-20 minutes? By wishtrend hour long gauze sheetmask can be used for a full 40 minutes thanks to the special sheet that can absorb extra essence. Perfect for a sheetmask powernap on a summer afternoon in the hammock!

3. Choose a qualitative sheetmask.

What is sometimes forgotten when choosing a sheetmask (as great focus is often placed on finding the right essence) is that the sheet itself also plays a big role in the end result. It is important that the sheet adheres tightly to the skin and does not come loose here and there. Klair's both sheet masks adhere smoothly to the skin and do not slip off. In addition, they are divided into two parts, which means a perfect fit no matter what face shape you have!

Klairs rich moist soothing tencel sheetmask

This soothing sheet mask is perfect for you who have irritated, dry and sensitive skin and want a proper dose of moisture. With ingredients such as ceramide, aloe vera and hyaluronic acid, it works to repair and restore the skin's natural barrier, which is easily damaged by external stresses. In other words, this sheet mask is your best friend after a stressful day. A 20 minute break along with this moisturizing novelty will make you feel great!

Klairs midnight blue calming sheetmask

This sheet mask is suitable for you who have oily skin with enlarged, clogged pores. Thanks to ingredients such as BHA, willow, bark extract and erythritol, Klair's Midnight Blue Calming Sheet Mask works actively to cool down and control the skin's sebum production. In addition, this mask is also suitable for you who experience irritated skin, as it both soothes and provides a lot of moisture. For an extra wonderful cooling effect, put the mask in the fridge 10 minutes before application. Perfect after a day in the sun when the skin needs a little extra care!

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