Gua Sha Angel Wing

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This is a facial tool made of rose quartz that has a variety of benefits for the skin. With this you can gently massage and relieve muscle tension in the face and décolletage. Also works effectively to reduce swelling and can be used to sculpt the face. With this tool, you can also improve the skin's elasticity, texture and achieve a more even skin tone. Rose quartz has long been used in skin care to, among other things, release and remove toxins from the body. It also helps to improve blood circulation in the skin, which results in a healthier skin condition.

. Reduces swelling & sculpts

. Massages and relieves muscle tension

. Improves texture and gives a more even skin tone

Please note that small, temporary bruising may occur with use. These can disappear after just a few hours or up to a few days and are completely natural.

Use on cleansed skin. Before use, you can advantageously distribute a small amount of serum or moisturizer on the skin to minimize irritation. Gently stroke the tool from the bottom up or from the center of the face and work your way outwards. Gently massage the skin using the different angles of the stone depending on the area you are massaging.

When finished, clean and dry the stone and store it in the bag provided to avoid wear and scratches.

100% Rose quartz

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